Make Rough Sketches

Try many different ideas!

The next step is to create some rough sketches of sample decks, and this is where the inexperienced designer often makes a mistake.

Take a look at the two sketches below:

Garden Decking

  • Red = House
  • Green = Tree
  • Yellow = Decking

The sketch on the right shows a deck that is all straight lines and rectangular, and a similar shape to the house.

Furthermore, part of the decking is very close to the tree and will get many greasy wet leaves on the boards.

The steps down to the lawns are in the centre of the deck; this is traditional but not very inspiring, there are much better ideas.

Garden Decking


The left-hand sketch illustrates the design of a split level garden deck, with full width steps on the lower deck.

The top deck is only one step higher, which presents no design and safety issues, and it is curved to create interest and avoids the tree.

The plan to the left will also provide a much larger space for entertainment; perhaps one deck for adults and one for the kiddies!

These are just a few of the ideas that you must take into consideration when designing your garden decking.


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Garden Decking

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